UNIPOL – Mario Cucinella Architects

Goldmann & Partners is a bioclimatic design and consulting firm whose scientific activities are supported by the IRCAS (International Research Centre for Applied Sustainability) international applied research center.

IRCAS research related to bioclimatic architecture and systems is based on identifying the best balance between envelope/systems/environment/anthropic reaction, investigated from the perspective of territorial, social, environmental, anthropic, technological, energy, management, and economic sustainability.
IRCAS produces and uses proprietary methodologies and protocols for calculating and assessing sustainability impacts related to the various architectural/system issues and opportunities of buildings and regularly publishes research, also conducted in collaboration with other scientific operators.
In the Torre Unipol project, G&P’s objective was to evaluate the bioclimatic sustainability opportunities to incorporate the potential opening of part of the internal facade windows for natural ventilation of indoor environments.


  1. Hygiene regulations
  2. Air quality
  3. CFD analysis
  4. Condensation
  5. Safety
  6. Energy savings
  7. User well-being