Intl. Research Centre
for Applied Sustainability

Goldmann & Partners is home to IRCAS (Intl. Research Centre for Applied Sustainability), a research centre active in all areas that generate value in the field of sustainability. The Centre is continuously producing new survey and management protocols for the benefit of its clients’ activities; some of its studies are published on the webzine

These studies are preparatory to all G&P activities and cover areas such as those (non-exhaustive list):

Businesses (sustainable review of the company’s vision and mission; introduction of Sustainability Guidelines with declinations on concepts of bioclimatic, zero-consumption, LCA, LCCA, sustainable management, certifications, the well-being of people);

Scientific/technological (materials and products innovations, best practices in design/construction management, IoT introduction, research on new materials with higher performance and low environmental impact, with analysis of their life cycle, costs and decommissioning; new methods of integrated management with maximum efficiency of real estate assets; smart working in eco-layout; CDF analysis, etc.);

Social/cultural (attention to environmental value, communication with stakeholders, openness to the community, etc.);

Economic/financial (analysis and monitoring of international best practices, the introduction of innovative concepts, analysis of the possible application of sharing/circular economy, Sustainability Report, etc.);

Regulatory/institutional (framework analysis and close monitoring of law adherence in improvement sense; follow-up and associative activity to the best associations to expand networks and share know-how, new certification protocols, green lease contracts for property and facility management);

Analysis of peer/competitor (new young designers, analysis on the market to always have both the best suppliers and the best and most attractive offer of services/competences, etc.).

Proprietary protocols of the IRCAS Study Centre
Buildings examined with the GEEA Protocol
Articles and press interviews

IRCAS research is also focused on real estate development and on all methods of certification and economic and mathematical investigation that can be used to support a sustainable property conversion.
The entire activity of Goldmann & Partners has a strong vocation to convert the market towards good practices that adopt sustainability as a driver of growth of its value. This is the origin of the G&P education mission, for the constant dissemination of all the information needed to understand and apply these practices at all economic and social levels.
Goldmann & Partners is also the publisher of, the notebook of the IRCAS Study Centre, a web observatory on the theme of sustainability.

IRCAS is drawn up by Goldmann & Partners researchers and dedicated to an audience of both professionals and people who simply want to deepen sustainability, a theme of great topical interest and a source of important economic, social and environmental benefits.

Goldmann & Partners through constant daily research work on all the latest economic, management, technical and scientific news on sustainability in Italy and worldwide, can guarantee to all its customers his highest level of strategic updating.

G&P works at an international level, with all the best professionals available on the market, and all the best and most up-to-date techniques of investigation, design and construction. In this way, Goldmann & Partners can offer their clients the highest possible quality of projects and activities dedicated to them.

  • Newly design Bioclimatic Building;
  • Sustainable & Bioclimatic Building Recovery/Restructuring;
  • Sustainable & Bioclimatic Space Planning/Management;
  • Sustainable & Bioclimatic Fashion Retail;
  • Urban planning and sustainable mobility;
  • Logistics and Sustainable Mobility;

  • Materials with low environmental impact and their life cycle;
  • BIM – Building Information Modeling;
  • CFD Analysis – Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis;
  • Training;
  • Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Reporting (SDGs);
  • Sustainable Education ( Pubblicità Progresso);
  • Conferences and congresses;
  • Publishing.