About us

Is a project management, sustainable design and consultancy services company operating in all sectors interested in implementing sustainability practices in real estate assets and production processes. It provides support for the growth and development process in companies, offering structured analytical and design solutions. All its work is carried out by flexible, multi-disciplinary teams created ad hoc to meet the client’s specific requirements made up of partner professionals with proven experience.

All the partners working with Goldmann & Partners have been working in the profession for many years. They are active in Italian and foreign academic or research bodies and technologically advanced institutions or sector associations. The company has an excellent, established relationship with INBAR®, the Italian National Bio-architecture Institute®, and with many professionals affiliated with it. The work of Goldmann & Partners is underpinned by research carried out by the Goldmann & Partners Applied Sustainability Research Centre, which works in the study and use of the latest developments on the international market.
All Goldmann & Partners’ work is strongly oriented towards converting the market to virtuous processes adopting sustainability as their value creation driver. This has resulted in the company’s education mission for the constant propagation of all the necessary information for the understanding and application of these practices at all economic and social levels.

An important part of Goldmann & Partners’ work is dedicated to the luxury sector with the implementation of sustainable luxury criteria for offices, retail, residential, tourism and sailing.
The company is formed of professionals in the fields of:

  • engineering and bio-climatic architecture;
  • sustainable project management;
  • economics and finance;

  • corporate consulting;

  • on and off-line communication.

We are a B Corp since September 2017. The B Corporation Certification issued to for-profit companies with special “social and environmental performance“, which voluntarily meet the highest standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

Goldmann & Partners is also the editor of MeglioPossibile.it, one of the most comprehensive and respected web observers on sustainability in Italy, created by an editorial staff of scientific and communication professionals.

Through the constant daily research on all the latest economic, technical, and scientific issues on sustainability in Italy and around the world required by the publication of MeglioPossibile.it, Goldmann & Partners ensures that its clients receive the latest updates on all the best technologies active internationally and the best professionals available on the market to involve in their teams. Thus Goldmann & Partners can offer its clients top quality in the projects and activities carried out for them.

Goldmann & Partners originates from an idea of Isabella Goldmann, an architect with a broad professional profile integrated with long-standing management and communication skills, and Alessandro Maria Cremona, a manager with consolidated experience in the finance and real estate fields. The work with leading technical partners in the sustainability and bio-climatic architecture fields has generated a unique, cohesive and extremely innovative team in the solutions developed for its clients.

Goldmann & Partners works with the awareness that a true sustainable change in the economy and scientific research, architecture and social behaviours can only occur if this process goes hand in hand with the well-organized switchover of processes and with precise, detailed and constant cultural training.

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