TELECOM TURRO – Bergonzoni

Goldmann & Partners has gathered the basic guidelines for creating external, ancillary, common, and support spaces for TIM offices, whether they are former central buildings or locations already used as offices.

Among the objectives are to:

  • Give employees a sense of belonging within the company;
  • Provide homogeneity and recognizability to all territorial offices;
  • Communicate the Brand to external clients and markets;
  • Create environments through Guidelines shared with the functions that have Visual Brand Identity in their mission.

These Guidelines are developed in collaboration with the BSM structure to guide ongoing and upcoming projects. The design and operational activities will be coordinated by the DG, aiming to make them effective and functional for the company’s objectives.
Consistency points in the offices:

  • Access and entrance spaces;
  • Common and representative spaces, Auditoriums;
  • Support spaces for internal and external employees and visitors; These will provide employees with a sense of belonging within the company and improve the quality and balance of the work/life relationship.