ITALGAS – LRP11 – Giugiaro

A general sustainability survey was conducted on the Italgas building at Largo Regio Parco 11 in Turin, using the GEEA® – Green Energy and Efficiency Audit® Preliminary Report methodology, a proprietary protocol of Goldmann & Partners, aimed at highlighting the critical issues and potential of a building in terms of sustainability, with particular attention to the economic and managerial efficiency of the real estate asset.

Verification inspections were carried out, resulting in a precise mapping of the current critical issues, which led to the formulation of possible improvement solutions. Any economic evaluation will only be possible following at least a preliminary design of the improvement works.
The conclusions of this analysis document are very complex as they extend across all levels of sustainability concerning the building complex at Largo Regio Parco, presenting often particularly significant levels of criticality.

For this same reason, however, the Italgas building at Largo Regio Parco 11 represents a significant opportunity to implement all those innovative and virtuous system solutions that are investigated and pursued through a general sustainability survey such as this GEEA®.
This survey is aimed at a possible real estate optimization of the complex. Its location in an area of interest, in a former industrial zone undergoing redevelopment, makes it an important place worthy of enhancement, achievable through a balanced and systematic intervention on the building envelope, the systems, and the internal and external organization of the spaces.
In the Areas of Improvement, all possible solutions are presented, evaluated to bring the building to the highest possible efficiency, both in terms of construction and systems, as well as management and economics.